The sooner you have a dog and the younger it is when you adopt your new pet, the more vital it is that you start training your new furry friend.

It's so easy to get excited and carried away with emotion every time you see each other, but in order to form a long, healthy and strong bond with your dog, he/she needs to feel safe, protected and cared for. The best way to do this is to be clear and consistent on what your hairy hound can and can't do.

In many cases, larger, more powerful breeds, tend to grow fast and before you know it, the little puppy you once had is an out-of-control tornado that is nearly impossible to get a handle on.

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We have helped tame some of the most challenging dogs which resulted in owners feeling more in control and forming a stronger, deeper and healthier bond with their pet.

Sometimes the simplest strategy and approach delivered consistently can drastically improve the behaviour of your dog. We know what works.