Just because you've chosen to own a dog, doesn't mean having a life is no longer an option. Don't feel guilty when you head to work in the morning or when you have errands to run during the day.

Drop your dog off at Hairy Hounds HQ or have us pick him/her up from your home. Your hairy hound will make new friends, play, run, nap and receive plenty of cuddles in your absence. Hairy Hounds in Hackney is situated in a residential home on Ashenden Road, Homerton. It's doggie friendly, has a lovely garden, plentiful toys, healthy treats, food and fresh water.

Your dog will be walked twice ( 2 x 1 hr walks), exercised and loved, leaving you to come home and enjoy the calm nature of a well balanced and healthy dog.

We've got you covered for up to 8 hours.