A calm dog is a content and more controllable one.  

Always ignore over-excited behavior and always appraise or reward your pet when he/she is calm. By reward I mean your attention, cuddles, treats or play. 

Some breeds are more excitable than others, but with your consistency and repetition all dogs will very quickly understand that by being calm they get what they want much quicker.

Your dog can’t learn anything when he or she is excited, let alone focus on what it is that you are asking them to do, or not do. 

Tips for keeping your dog calm:

  • Don’t give your dog any attention when he/ she is jumping on you. If you do, you'll be reinforcing negative behaviour.
  • Don’t overexcite them when you come home. Be calm at first, make your self a cup of tea, then give your dog a good cuddle. This saves you from being jumped on and your dog getting histerical, every time you come home.

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