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HEELing Powers

Teach your dog the difference between walking by the HEEL. The object is to remain nice and close without pulling as a way of getting from A to B.

The alternate to this command is WALK FREE where a dog is free to stop and sniff as part of their walk & exercise.


The use of HEEL really makes a difference when you need to be somewhere on time and your hound doesn’t stop every few seconds to mark a post, have a sniff or wander off to go and say hi to people or other dogs.


  • HEEL is a command telling your dogs that you want them to walk, and a gentle reminder that you are in charge, so let your dog pee and the other thing (most owners know when this is going to happen) but afterwards don’t allow any additional marking stops.
  • Reward/praise/acknowledge a good close walk without stopping or pulling. 
  • If your dog pulls and there is tension on a lead, go backwards calling him or her or change direction. This way your will keep your pooch focused and on their paws.