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A puppy is for Christmas – a dog for the rest of your life

Around this time of year, lots of people like to expand to their family with the addition of a pet – puppies are popular.

If you are thinking of adding a furry member to the family, and you are considering getting a puppy from a breeder rather than a rescue hound, here are a few questions worth asking and few things to check to make sure you choose the right dog for you, your family, lifestyle and where you live.

You really want to avoid getting a young pup from a puppy farm or from an irresponsible breeder. Puppies taken away too young or those that come from parents with bad temperament will often develop behaviour issues if the new owner is not aware of what they are dealing with.


  • Make sure you meet the mum and get info on the dad (the parents of the dog). You are looking for a well-cared for, socialised and healthy family pet, not a breeding machine. Look out for healthy interaction with the owners, mother and other pups. Well socialised pups are naturally curious and should not be afraid to come forward to check you out.
  • If you are choosing  a pure-bred dog, research for any health problems specific to the breed and ask the breeder for health report on those or ask for tests. 
  • Check if puppies have been wormed and vaccinated and ask for a list of any treatments still required.
  • Do not be persuaded to take a puppy that is under 7 weeks-old back home with you. The ideal age is 8 to 10 weeks and when they are fully weaned. Puppies need time amongst their litter and mum to get proper nourishment and to learn necessary social skills.
  • A good breeder will also ask lots of questions about you, your experience and will offer you tips and a starter pack .
  • The starter pack gives the new owner important stuff to settle your puppy into their new home. It will reduce the stress of the transfer and make sure your home is equipped for the first few days and with all the advice and information you need.