Terri, Nick & Marley

These guys have absolutely transformed our dog, and in turn, our lives. It might sound insanely cheesy, but we rescued a staffie cross Mastiff called Marley over 2 years ago now. He had 3 homes within 4 months of being born and quite obviously had some anxiety around other dogs.

This quickly escalated within the first 6 months of having him and it got to a point where we could not let him near another dog. He is a large dog and one bite from him would cause a lot of damage. It absolutely killed us to see this as he honestly is the kindest, smartest, most loving dog we had ever met (Both of us having grown up around dogs).

He absolutely loves cuddling and is so well trained (he knows around 15 tricks!!). He was just scared. We have no idea what happened to him in the first 4 months of his life, but something obviously had affected him. It honestly got to a point where we were worried it would ruin our relationship and any life we had.

We couldn't have friends around as he was boisterous and any sign of fear from another person would also make him scared and therefore jump up more and nip to try and make friends. Edita and her team have trained Marley very carefully and at a pace that he felt comfortable with. The change in him over the past two months has been absolutely incredible. We regularly receive videos of him playing with other dogs without a muzzle and he is absolutely loving it.

His attitude has completely changed and he is so relaxed around people and the sight of other dogs. I was so worried that it might get to a stage that he bites another dog and has to be put down or that we simply would get to a stage where we could no longer carry on as it would make us ill from stress and anxiety.

I never imagined he would be at the stage he is now. Edita, Andrea and the team... We cannot thank you enough. You are so incredible at what you do and I don't know any greater proof than the happy, healthy dog you now have before you and two people who struggled with stress and anxiety now extremely happy and looking forward to spending their lives with Marley by their side. Thank you Terri, Nick and Marley xxxxx

Sonya & Max

Edita & Andrea are fantastic. With Edita's guidance and walks with Andrea we have made huge improvements with Max's behaviour. He has gone from a really reactive dog, not tolerating any approach from other dogs to being able to socialise with a few dogs we've been working with. It has been a long and difficult journey that we are still on but wouldn't be where we are now without Hairy Hounds

Francesca & Dotty

Edita is a fantastic trainer - she's a natural. We have a very lively, fun loving, fearless, 16 week Jack Russell. Apart from the basics (which we needed more than Dotty) Edita did a really excellent outdoor session which not only trains it takes your dogs safety into consideration (vital with a terrier). Dotty came to us scared of her lead and harness, within 10 minutes Edita gently, helped de-sensitise her and it's gone from taking us 20 minutes to get the lead on to 5 (because Dotty knows how to work it with the treats!). We will continue to go to Edita and her team and cannot recommend them highly enough. Dotty loves her!

Malene, Andy & Sue

Our miniature dachshund has been going to Edita and Hairy Hounds of Hackney since she was 4 months, and she is always very excited to go. Edita focuses on a relaxed atmosphere in the house and we can really notice the difference in our puppy. She is growing up to be a kind, happy and healthy dog, who gets along great with both humans and dogs. Big thanks to Edita and the team.

Tena & Jupiter

We would have been forever lost without Edita and Hairy Hounds - it is far beyond a 'service' and I can't recommend the day care enough. A very happy dog at the end of every day and the kind of reliability you can only dream of. Well with Hairy Hounds of Hackney it is all real! The best best best.


Kathryn & Hannah

I have bravely let Hannah off the lead. It was in the olympic park in a naturally contained area. She demonstrated good recall and we used all that we have learnt with you. It was early in the morning so limited distractions etc, but a start and we have done the same thing on three further occassions. It was fantastic to see her run and it will be good to develop this with your guidance.  Also we have managed a very good initial interaction with our neighbours dog. Hurrah! My main concern now is sorting out her cat thing.  So, thank you. What a different dog and human.


Tessa, David & Ruby

Our border terrier, Ruby, has been going to Edita’s since she was two months old and she absolutely loves it!  Not only is she always incredibly happy to go but Edita has really helped us with training and offering vital advice and support for brand new dog owners! Thanks to Edita Ruby has become an incredibly well socialised, friendly and well behaved dog. She is extremely confident and very happy to be with other people and dogs which makes living with her and taking care of her amazing fun and really easy. 

We would be totally lost without Edita. She is Ruby’s home from home and she really takes care of her, thinks of her and loves her like her own.  I can’t recommend Edita highly enough – every Hackney dog owner should be in touch with her.


Karen, Super proud Mama of Biggie Smalls

Put simply, I or my dog Biggie couldn't survive without the support of Edita at Hairy Hounds in Hackney.
Biggie who is now 10 months old has been doing training, day-care and longer stays with Edita while I'm out of the country since he was 3 months old. Edita has done a phenomenal job in training Biggie very quickly. She is also constantly teaching me how to care for him properly with a particular emphasis on the things I need to watch out for with his breed.
Hairy Hounds in Hackney is honestly a 5 star hotel experience for Biggie. He gets fed the best food there, he gets to hang out with all his friends and also gets the best quality treats you'll find anywhere!
Edita is beyond generous with her time, knowledge, love and doggie goodies! Biggie adores her and all the other dogs she minds. They are most certainly his second family and home.

If you really care for the wellbeing of your dog I couldn't recommend a better second home for him/her. Biggie is always so so happy to be heading off on his walks with Edita and loves the routine of day care. I also manage to get some work done when he's away which is a bonus! :)

I could honestly go on and on about how incredible Edita is. She just has a gift with animals. It's hugely noticeable when you're around her the respect and love she has for all her dogs and they in turn love and respect her back.

I guarantee you will never find as special a place as the Hairy Hounds in Hackney.


Petra, Kath and Jessie

Jessie has had the best time and training since going to Hairy Hounds in Hackney. She can't wait to go and be with Edita and her new pack friends. We know she gets the best care and attention when she is there, we would want nothing less!

She comes back happy and well exercised but best of all she gets excellent training. Each time she comes home she is better behaved. We could not ask for more. Big thanks to Edita and her whole team.

Tristan and Lola

Lola, our 1 year old bulldog has been with Edita and the team for dog walks and daycare for the past 4 months. It has been great for us to have someone so knowledgeable and personable looking after Lola.

We have seen such an improvement in her behaviour and Edita is always available for any questions that we have had and has offered many tips that have really helped with Lola's training.

Now if we could just stop Lola having a tantrum and lying on the pavement when we pick her up from daycare we will be sorted, although speaking to other daycare dog owners this is normal.. They enjoy it that much.


Sam and Teacup

What can I say about hairy Hounds...they are a godsend! A home from home and such a happy place for all the dogs in Edita's care. I have total confidence in her expertise, intuition and management of every canine situation, moreover she really loves and cares for all in her pack, however naughty or dysfunctional. She always goes the extra mile, placing the dogs' needs at the centre of everything. It's more than a job, it a vocation.


Monita and Yuki

Absolutely amazing! Yuki has been pulling on the leash for quite some time and I've been trying to research into different methods of training her not to pull on the leash. Edita just took one look and noticed the problem straight away! She showed me the proper way of walking Yuki on the leash and the problem was solved. Most importantly, I made sure to ask Edita whether I was doing it correctly so that I could continue the method at home.

As predicted, I now have a very well trained dog walking on the leash and I thoroughly enjoy my walks and taking her to the park. Another very successful training session with Edita!


Gio and Kama

Edita is just AMAZING.

She has been training Kama for almost a year now and Kama is a big breed dog, from the pit bull family. He is a big boy with a big personality to match and the work she has done exceeded my expectations.

Dedication and a lot of love, this what you will have from Edita.

Regardless of her personal schedule, she is always there for you. Not clock watching or feeling like she's missing out on anything, all she wants is to succeed with the training.

The Hairy Hounds in Hackney house is dog friendly, has lots of beds and sofas, there are plenty of treats, toys, food and water for the hairy hounds.
I believe, without Edita's help, it wouldn't have been possible to have such loving and polite dog, like is Kama today.

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